Review of Take Me Out by Danielle Elwood



Charlotte grew up in the Boston socialite spotlight with a silver spoon.
Bentley grew up on the wrong side of the tracks with an alcoholic mother.
A chance meeting at a Red Sox baseball game will change both of their lives forever.

But will their relationship stand the test of ex-lovers, arson, and Charlotte’s parents?

Join the gang for a Boston whirlwind romance no one will ever forget.

Okay, so there were a few editing issues, but I definitely do not agree with the 1 star reviews I’ve read. While I don’t agree with the 5 star also, I am going to give it 4 stars because I really enjoyed it. It was a nice debut story. There are a few areas that could use improvement; sentence structure and description for example. However, that is something with which authors learn to improve as they grow. This is a story that show that “love looks not with the eyes (or ears), but with the heart”. The characters face so much in their relationship that you almost want to stand up and cheer for them each time they survive another obstacle. I hope this author keep writing, because- with a little improvement- she could be a 5 star author. I hope she doesn’t give up. After all, even Nora Roberts got, and still gets, some bad reviews. But, she hasn’t quit and neither should this author.



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