My Review of Seizing Darkness by Mariana Thorn

Rating: Five out of Five Badges


I have been looking for a book series to hold me over between Darynda Jones’ Grim Reaper books and I think I have found it. This book has the perfect mix of sexual tension, crime fighting, paranormal, and everything in between. I loved the different angle on shifters and the fact that the main characters were weretigers instead of wolves. It was well- written and kept me intrigued through every page. It’s not often that I find a book that I just HAVE TO HAVE THE NEXT BOOK…. RIGHT NOW! But this book has given me that urgent feeling that I never tire of. Due to my personal life and professional life, it took me longer than usual to read the book. However, if I had had more time, chances are I would have finished this within 48 hours because I found it extremely difficult to put it down. A few times I actually had to be forced to stop reading so I could go grocery shopping, write my own book, and more. Thank you, Ms. Thorn, for this wonderful set of characters and wonderful story. I cannot wait for book 2!



Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Overall Rating: A
Cast: A
Story: A-
Humor: A+
Graphics: A+
Music: A++
Chances That I Will Watch it Again on DVD: A

I will openly admit that I hadn’t had any desire to see this movie. However, when we went to the movies yesterday to see Hercules, starring Dwayne Johnson, the movie theater was having technical difficulties and could not show Hercules, so we had to choose a different movie. The choice to see Guardians of the Galaxy was made by the birthday girl and it was a great decision. The movie was very entertaining and well worth the $10 per ticket. Though I’ve never been one to watch movies that are based on comics, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The reason the storyline got an A- was because there were a few things that I wish were explained a bit more. However, I have a feeling that there will be a sequel so hopefully my disappointment there will be short lived.

Guardians of the Galaxy is about five unlikely beings who protect the Galaxy in which they live from being destroyed by the evil Ronan. They are five beings who have been trying to find their place in live and in the universe, and have managed to find it in each other. Although their friendships had a rocky start, I think you would be hard pressed to find a group of five friends more close than these. Quill, Camora, Dax, Rocket, and Groot are a powerhouse team that deserve their moment in the spotlight.

This movie is inspirational, funny, action packed, suspenseful, and even a bit teary-eyed in spots. It is the perfect amalgamation of emotions that every almost every movie strives to accomplish. Guardians of the Galaxy is fun for everyone, though parental discretion is advised for younger viewers due to language and violence.

But I can assure you that you will not be disappointed to hand over $10 per ticket to see this masterpiece of a film. Well done, Marvel. Well done, indeed.


P.S When an actor can create pure magic with only four words and a few fighting sound effects, you know he is a genius in his craft. Vin Diesel provides that genius for us in this flick. “I am Groot.”