Review of Bitten (TV Show)

Okay, now that I’ve Netflix-binged on the first season of Bitten (13 episodes in two days, a total of 11.5 hours), I can review the show properly. This show was suggested to me from a friend, and now I may have to kill her for getting me addicted to a new show! I can’t believe I have to wait until 2015 for season 2! But, that aside, I really enjoyed this show for several reasons.

1) The characters are well developed and at the same time relateable… Except for their fur 😉

2) They werewolves weren’t made out to be stupid, blood thirsty animals with nothing better to do than to kill vampires. And, I swear, if vamps are introduced to this show, it will ruin everything.

3) The human dynamic. Between Elena’s boyfriend Phillip (poor guy) and Logan’s girlfriend Rachel, the sheriff, and even Clay’s old students, the writers are careful to show the relationship between the two species.

4) The fight scenes. They aren’t some glorified hollywood wrestling match. They actually look like two people fighting for their lives. Granted, the characters are well trained in the area, but that only adds to the amazing fight scenes.

5) And, lastly, the romance. It’s not all flowers and fun times under the sheets (though we do see a lot of naked butts during the show lol)…. It’s real.

While I haven’t read the books by Kelley Armstrong that this series is based on, and actually never heard of her or the books before this, if they are anything like the show, I’m sure they’re a hit. That being said, however, I think this is one of those times when the tv show/movie is better than the book. Yes, I said I haven’t read the books, so this is not fact. I just believe that the fight scenes and things are harder to illustrate on the pages of a book than they are on screen.

There are a few characters that I’m not sure about. Jeremy is a great alpha and everything, but sometimes he gets on my nerves with his rules and brooding facial features. He’s a little too stuck in his ways from the past, but I think that’s something he will change as the show goes on. And I’m a little unsure about Nick. While he’s hot and everything, I think the grief he’s going through may cloud his judgment and make me pent on revenge instead of looking at the bigger picture.

Lastly, this show sure knows how to use cliffhangers to its advantage. I wouldn’t be running on 10 hours of sleep between two days if it weren’t for those cliffhangers. They kept making me watch the next one and the next one until I had to force myself to stop and go to sleep! Even that final cliffhanger–boy that was a humdinger–is making me antsy for season 2.

If you have not given this show a shot, I suggest you get a subscription to Netflix, if you don’t already have one, get a hot cup of coffee, get under the blankets, and start watching. You will not regret it.



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