Review of Hard Break (Deadlines & Diamonds #5) by Morgan Kearns



All Photojournalist Ian McCallister wants is a woman to love him. Not just any woman, though, his heart wants Kayla Black. He fell for the dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty the moment she smiled…and introduced her children.

Kayla Black is living her very own Happily-Ever-After. She has three beautiful children and a man she adores. Until the day her hero of a husband straps on his badge and is struck down by a drug dealer’s bullet.

Her perfect world shattered, Kayla has no interest in moving on and is only attempting it for her children. She doesn’t want help, doesn’t need it. And she certainly doesn’t need Ian. Or does she?

Miss Morgan captured my heart and emotions when I read Lucky 13. She roped me in like a cattle at a rodeo. I never thought anything could compete with Lucky 13 from her, but Hard Break has done it. I now have a new favorite Deadlines & Diamonds novel! Right from the very beginning, Morgan’s words captured my heart, squeezed, and didn’t let go until the very last sentence of the epilogue. Whether I was feeling sad, happy, humorous, excited… erotic, it didn’t matter. This book is all about the heart-the breaking of a heart, the repairing of a heart (as well as 3 little ones), and the true heart of a relationship. This book IS love; it defines it in ways that no other author has been able to do for me. Ian is a man that everyone craves, yet he has moments that will completely blow your socks off… or panties, as the case may be. Yes, Ian, they are called panties; there’s no shame in saying the word. You certainly had no trouble with wanting to get into Kayla’s… Speaking of Kayla, that poor woman! I don’t know if I could go through what she went through and not fall to pieces. She’s a strong woman that I envy. I wish I was more like Kayla, but then I don’t have children, so maybe it’s that Mama Bear Syndrome coming through there. Anyway, it was nice to see a book where the hero was “alpha” but not so much that you want to punch him in the mouth. Ian was a TRUE ALPHA. He cared for the ones he loved, with as much patience and understanding as he could. Whether he was reading a bedtime story, or letting Kayla cry on his shoulder…. Sigh, he was just perfect. Morgan, when can we create a man making machine and replicate him? I’ll take two, please! It was also nice to see a book where the woman was a sort of alpha herself. She stuck up for herself, protected her kids like only a  mother can, and stayed strong when she needed to. The chemistry between the two, not to mention the heat and passion, was remarkable. Never before have I believed a couple quite so much. It was like I was a friend and I watched the whole thing unfold. Even the secondary characters, like Penelope, Chase, Sadie, and Stephanie were extraordinary. This book had everything, and you will not regret reading it. One-click this NOW. If you don’t, you WILL regret THAT. Well done, Miss Morgan. Very well done.




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