Review of Boreal and John Grey- The Encounter Episode 1 by Chrystalla Thoma



Episode One in the serial “Boreal and John Grey”.

Centuries ago, they tried to invade us and failed. Now the elves are back.

Paranormal Bureau Agent Ella Jones knows her job: fight the Shades living between worlds and keep everyone safe. But then her partner goes missing, a mysterious guy saves her life, and increasingly dangerous creatures slip into her city. After centuries of peace, the gates beyond the Veil are opening and an old enemy is returning: the elves.
Ella needs to find her partner, uncover the identity of her savior, and find a way to stop the elves from invading again. With the world going to hell, what’s a girl to do but grab her guns and knives and figure it all out, one way or another.

Warning: some profanity – for an adult public.

First of all, I am very glad that the author provided descriptions about the Norse words in the book; it was very helpful.

Now, as for the writing… Wow! This book was amazingly well written; I swear the author put a hex on it that makes the reader be literally sucked in to the story. I felt like I WAS Ella Benson: Paranormal Investigator. You will regret it if you miss out on this book.

Currently free on Amazon: Snatch it up!


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