Review of Tucked In: Jessica by N. Kuhn



Lance Tucker has spent years trying to forget one of his early clients. Having thought she was dead, he spent his career trying to make up for it. Until she walks back into his life, upsetting the careful balance he once had. Can he forgive Jessica and help her escape the grasp of The Master, leader of The Coven?

Christian Thompson is the Golden Boy of Hollywood. When you have too much money, boredom is your greatest enemy. We see it all the time, funny religions, groups and cults provide a way to relieve the rich of their money and beliefs. He disappears with his son, and Tuck must face The Coven, posing as a Religion, to save the child. Will Jessica be able to help him, or is she just there to get in the way. Tuck faces his greatest challenge to date, forgiveness.

Remember how in my first review of Tucked In: Lianna, I said I had basically fallen in love at first sight with Tuck? Well, this book cemented that! I might as well have dropped on my knees and begged sweet mercy. Damn, that man is fine! Can I get lost, just so Tuck can find me and drag me back to his place for some punishment?

Now, while this book had more action and had our hero finding his true love, I think I enjoyed Tucked In: Lianna better. That being said, I am enjoying where the author is going with this series and I am excited for the next episode.

Until next “week” Tuck. Until, we meet again. ❤



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