Review of Shattered by Karl Jones




Fear and suspicion come to Greenville as the community finds itself in the grip of a terrifying serial killer.

Author Jason Denton immediately falls under suspicion, and while Sergeant Underwood is determined to prove his guilt, no matter how he has to do it, the relatives of those being killed aren’t so keen to wait for justice.

Caught in the middle is Donna Harp, a young constable partnered with the sergeant. She isn’t convinced the author is guilty, and is determined to catch the killer, whoever he may be, but is she being swayed by Denton’s charm?

A village in terror, a killer on the loose, an author looking for his next bestseller. Is there a connection?

Wow. This book… wow. I just don’t know what to say, because this book was incredible! It was a fast paced mystery that had my heart rate going so fast that I almost needed a doctor! Wow. Just, wow.



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