Review of Crazy Lovebirds by Carla Sarett



Funny, super-short and sweet stories about love, dating, marriage and family. From a futuristic satire on marriage to a loving tribute to family, these pieces will make you laugh.

These five stories previously appeared in literary magazines and are brought together here for the first time.

First, let’s discuss each individual story.

Even though it took me a while to understand it, with the futuristic talk and such, I felt that the first story held a very good message about true love. How is it love if we keep changing the other? Aren’t we supposed to love for better or worse?

Story #2 was sweet, but I really would have liked more.

Although story number 3 held a message that couples can overcome anything if the love is strong enough, I felt that this story was lacking a lot of explanation.

4 was strange, but oddly sweet.

And the last story, Dad Takes Flight, made me cry in a good way, because the man was so excited and happy. Very sweet and even held a little humor.

Now, as for the writing in general, I felt that each story was well-written and flowed beautifully. While some of them needed to be longer, I enjoyed them and thought they each held their own important message. Fun and a quick read.



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