Review of Defeat of the Shadow King by Delta Harless



On what starts as a typical Monday morning, quiet, normal, twenty-four year old Allyson Sanders receives a mysterious letter in the mail, informing her that she had inherited a house from a woman named Agatha Grimier in a town called Hollow Brook.

Determined to unravel the history of this unknown relative, Allyson travels to Hollow Brook, where she discovers she is the last in a powerful line of witches. She is shocked to learn she must defeat Thanatos, the cursed King of the Shadow Demons, before midnight on Halloween, or he would conquer and devour the soul of every human being.

Does Allyson resist the evil of Thanatos and defeat him, or will she be betrayed by the dark longings in her own heart?

This was a very well written book that was a mix of light and dark, mystery and intrigue. It was beautifully written, from the first paragraph I could paint a picture in my mind; a movie of scenes that was a blockbuster hit in the cinema inside my head. I enjoyed it so much that  I felt like standing up and clapping in the end. This author is very talented and I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.



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