Review of Beautiful Downfall by Scarlett Jade



Camille Taylor’s life fell apart after the tragic accident that haunts her every waking moment. She became a recluse, only looking forward to each day with the hope of having those dreams… A handsome man with dark hair and wicked eyes visits her at night, keeping her company as she struggles to get past the sudden death of her beloved parents. There is something undeniable about him. She is drawn to the mysterious man like a moth to a flame. This couldn’t be insanity, but it can’t be real, either… Casey Philips has his own damaged past that put him in a delicate situation. He is an angel working for redemption, and has been watching over Camille since that horrible day where her mother and father were stolen away. It’s all God’s plan, they are fine and well now, but the task of helping this lovely human get past her grief to move on in her life is quickly taking a wrong turn. She’s stunning and plays the key role in his every thought. Angels aren’t suppose to fall in love with their clients. If he continues he could lose everything and fall from God’s good graces. But if he stops he will lose the most important person in his life. With every thing on the line, Casey and Camille set out on a life-altering adventure to discover if love really can overcome anything.

Wow, just from the very first paragraph I was hooked! It was so powerful and descriptive that it drew me in like a bee to nectar. The description of the accident was so well written that I felt like I had lost my own parents. While the religious/ heaven elements weren’t something I normally like (different beliefs than the author- nothing wrong with that), the author was able to write it in a way that even swayed me. The characters were all incredibly loveable in their own ways; Camille is a beautiful young woman with a heart that needs healing, Casey is a bad-ass angel who needed his own kind of healing, and Sarah was bubbly and happy; the perfect fix to both of their problems. It was easy to lose my heart for each of the characters, because they were all easy to love. In fact, I loved them so much that I couldn’t put it down; I HAD to know what the outcome was and couldn’t go to sleep until I did. I was even a little disappointed when I read the last sentence; I was dying for more and I hope the author continues this series. But, even if she doesn’t, I will continue to read her books, because I am adding her to my all-time favorite authors list.



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