Review of Guardian Dragons by Catherine Vickers



Based on the world of Aarabassa where one half is dark and the other is in constant sunlight. A magic barrier divides the darker characters out of the Lightlands. Only the Guardian Dragons and the Changeling can pass through the Magic Wall. When the dragons overhear vamplin commmanders plotting to attack the Lightlands. The Queen dragon seeks the Ancient Mage for help. Three young princes have grown up alongside the Changeling, a female mage. Their world will soon change as they are destined for different adventures.

I felt that this book was exciting, but it was a sort of “old-fashioned” kind of book that a lot of people may be a little skeptical to read. As for me, it wasn’t my kind of book, but for the sake of the review I chose to look past that and focus on the quality of it. It was well-written, intriguing, and different (in a good way). The cover is blazingly beautiful and absolutely breath taking. I think this author is on her way to a great career.




One thought on “Review of Guardian Dragons by Catherine Vickers

  1. Many thanks go to CSI (Creative Scene Investigations) for taking the time to read my debut book and reviewing it so wonderfully. It takes a special kind of skill to be a Book Reviewer and I admire anyone able to do it. For example reading books not normally your own gender is not an easy thing to do. It’s a work related sort of task rather than a pleasurable one. I look upon Book Reviewers as a very necessary tool for writers. Those I have had the pleasure to communicate with seem to enjoy what they do. Marvelous, I say. Even as a writer I find I can only read a particular genre so ‘hats off’ to all Book Reviewers.

    I must add at this point that since this review there has been some small changes to one of the sub-plots so Edition 3 is not only slightly different to this one (Edition 2) but also has a new cover to set it apart.

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