Review of Keeping Secrets 2: No More Skeletons

Even better than the first!



Due to graphic sexual content, this book is recommended for adult readers only.

“Abbie, I’ll never stop loving you. And I’ll never let you go. You know that, don’t you?”
When he said it, he meant it. That’s right—Greg is back. Abbie hopes her promise not to tell the police about the murders, as long as Greg stays away, will keep her and her family safe. But not even his fear of going to prison for murder could keep Greg away from Abbie. This time, however, it’s not just Abbie that he wants. He’s determined to make sure Taylor knows their secret.
After a visit with Ellen, who allowed him to be brutalized as a child, Greg comes undone. His obsession drives him to abduct Abbie and Taylor, taking them on a five-state crime spree, desperate to flee from multiple law enforcement agencies.
As Abbie struggles with her convictions, her emotions, and her overwhelming need to protect Taylor, the body count rises.
What will Abbie do when the opportunity to escape presents itself? And what will Greg do when faced with the choice of saving Abbie’s life, or his own?
When it’s all said and done, the secrets will be exposed, and there will be no more skeletons in their closets.

I love love love the cover! It is almost the “kiss of death” and is alluring and incredible sexy. You wouldn’t think that this kind of cover would be sexy or would work for the type of story, but it is absolutely perfect. Beautiful.

Every page leaves you wanting more and out of breath from suspense. It is very well-written, aside from a few spots that were a little TOO fast paced. I enjoyed the story line and the writing style.



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