Review of Warrior Unleashed by Lindsay Avalon

Gimme some more of that Chimerae sexiness!


*** Book 1.5 of the Mythrian Realm. Be sure to read Breaking the Nexus before this! Look for Waking the Phoenix, the highly anticipated sequel to Breaking the Nexus, coming soon! ***

Nothing is more dangerous than a warrior unleashed.

When Sentinels begin dying under mysterious circumstances, the deaths are believed to be unrelated. Only one man sees the truth: an unknown enemy is targeting the elite group of warriors and no one is safe. As a panther Chimerae, Achaius Rilke recognizes the signs of an unpredictable predator. The only person he can trust is Saia Makan, the tempestuous Sorceri who has driven him crazy for years. But when the killer has set his sights on Saia, Achaius faces the hunt of his life.

I absolutely love the cover… However, I feel that the girl- who is supposed to be representing Saia- is just a little TOO hot. That being said, it definitely catches my interest and made me want to read the story.

Now, onto the book’s contents.

I am going to keep the rating secret on this one until the end of the review, for no other reason than I feel that this book should not revolve around what rating I am going to give it. I want to talk about the content and how it made me feel, first.

Hottie, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot! Did I mention hot? I did? Well, how about exciting, intriguing, mystifying, mesmerizing, pulse-racing, fascinating, amazing… How many more words can I use to describe this book? Because, it deserves all of them. This was so freakin’ fantastic, that I may re-read it… and I NEVER do that! Lindsay Avalon has knocked it out of the Paranormal ballpark once again. She is fast becoming one of my all-time favorite Paranormal writers.

Keep it up, Lindsay! Best-selling material indeed.

Now, all that being said, my rating for this book is…




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