Interview of Author Kelli McCracken

Okay, you read the review of her awesome book today. Now, how about getting to know the author! Please welcome Kelli McCracken to the laboratory!



Link to book:

Why don’t we start by telling the folks a little about you?

Me? Well, I’m a crazy lady who talks— no wait—argues with her characters in the middle of her kitchen. I like to laugh as much as I like making people laugh. I curse like a sailor. I’m obsessed with music, Taylor Kitsch, and Jack Daniels. And the quickest way to my bad side is to approach me before I’ve had my coffee. I think that’s why my husband bought me a Bunn.


*Runs away and comes back with a giant cup of coffee* Enjoy! *Smiles* When and why did you start writing?

I started writing poetry when I was eleven. Mostly because it was therapeutic. I was your typical, angst filled, preteen who needed an outlet. Writing gave me that outlet. The more I wrote, the more I loved it, but I wanted to create something bigger. So at the age of thirteen, I started the first version of What the Heart Wants.

*Mouth falls open* 13? You started that amazing book at 13? Wow! Who is your favorite author and why?

I’d have to say Johanna Lindsey. I love the journey she gives her readers, and her heroes are swoon worthy. Mostly, I love the fact that her characters get a happy ever after.

Do you feel that Johanna Lindsey inspired your writing?

I think in a way she did inspire me. After reading her earlier books, I started to ponder my own stories. I wanted them to be interesting enough that other people would want to read them. I fell in love with her characters. I wanted people to do the same with mine.

Well, I don’t know about your other books, but I fell in love with Dylan (What the Heart Wants) as soon as I read the first word he spoke! What do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

I hope that I can take readers on a journey and help them escape from the stresses of their every day life. But mostly, I want to touch their hearts and evoke their emotions.

And you do! Traditional or self publishing and why?

Self publishing. People can argue the pros and cons of both sides, but I mainly chose it because I wanted creative control. These stories are my passion, my life’s work. I want the ultimate say in how those stories are told. I know my characters better than anyone.

Agreed. Tell us about your most recent book and why we should love or hate your characters.

My most recent release is Only in Time. It follows the story of Ally and Jonah, long time friends who let love slip away. Six years later, they run into each other again. While time has helped them grow, it hasn’t healed their hearts. Both are forced to deal with the issues that kept them apart. Sometimes it takes an outside influence to help a person gain perspective. Sometimes it just takes a little magic.

I can’t say whether you should love or hate them. That’s up to the reader. I fell in love with them because of their story. They taught me to never give up on the things that make me happy. I hope they do the same for others.


I will definitely be picking that one up. If your book had a soundtrack, what is the first 5 songs you would include?

golden abstract background with music notes in itI actually create playlist for writing. For What the Heart Wants, it would be:

Killing Me Inside – Crossfade

All or Nothing – Theory of a Deadman

If It Means That Much to You – A Day to Remember

Skin– Rihanna

Never Gonna Be Alone – Nickelback

Perfect! I’ve got Killing me Inside stuck in my head now. Aside from writing or reading, what is your favorite pastime?

I love being in the outdoors, deep in the words, whether I’m hiking, camping, or simply sitting on an old tree stump. I’ve been in love with nature as long as I’ve been in love with books.

Mother Nature is likely thrilled with that answer. What is the one thing you want to do, or the one place you want to go, that you would put at #1 on your bucket list?

I’m fortunate in the fact that I’ve had the chance to do a lot of things in my life. But if I had to pick something, I’d choose going to Texas. There’s a certain football stadium I’ve been dying to go to…no pun intended. #GoBoys 😉

Finally, what else would you like readers to know?

I have two new books releasing this year. One is the start of a new series. The other is third book of my Soulmate Series. If you’d like to keep up to date with any of my projects, you can find me on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by and say hi.

Yes, make sure to say hi to this amazing author! Kelli, thank you so much for being my guest today. I enjoyed getting to know you very much. Keep writing!


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