Review of the Rest of the Zombie Series by C.M Wright

These books are extremely intense. I blew through all of them, so I decided to do a combined review of the rest of the series in one post.

17189574This second book in the Zombie Overload series starts right where book one ended.

Canada and her family continue on in their attempt to reach her sister’s home in Missouri. The zombie count increases and so does the danger. Canada experiences so much that she hadn’t planned or fantasized about back when it was all make-believe.

Who will survive…and who will not? Will they make it to her sister’s, or will circumstances prevent the reunion and safety the family hope to find there?

Become a part of Canada’s group. Fight with her, survive with her, and share in her pain and frustration.


This third book in the Zombie Overload series begins at the same emotional moment that book two ended.

How much more can Canada take – both emotionally and physically? Her body is bruised and abused. Bloody and torn. But her heart is what hurts the most.

Can Jake help ease the pain? Or does he become more of a complication than she can handle?

Again, experience this new world with Canada and her family. Be a part of Canada’s life – all the pain, the emotional rollercoasters, and whatever happiness can be found.

Determined to Live:17706819

Pushed to her limit, Canada is out for revenge. But will that revenge turn her into someone else, someone even she doesn’t like?
Will is missing again and it’s up to the two people who should never be alone to find him. Will Canada and Jake be able to keep their hands – and other body parts – to themselves? Or will Canada finally give into the temptation and risk losing everything she holds sacred?
Who will be killed, who will live, and who will become one of the undead? Find out who has some big secrets, and what those secrets mean for Canada.

First, C.M Wright needs to get her butt moving and start to contact movie makers so that this can be made into movies.

Second, if you’re in the mood for a fast paced, intense, heart stopping series, this is the one to pick up!

A+ for this series!


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