Review of Epic: Legacy by Justin Osborne

Mysterious and intriguing.

Almost a billion people have simply vanished in the last six months.
Deacon’s mother sends him to stay with his eccentric uncle Evon in an effort to keep him safe. Upon his arrival, he learns that his uncle is more than a little on the strange side, he was once a legendary hero.
At first Deacon is reluctant to believe his uncle’s stories, but after meeting his brownie butler, dwarf wife, not to …mention the dragon head mounted as a trophy in the foyer, Deacon is starting to come around.
After drinking too much ‘Meadale’ the night before, Deacon accidently falls through a Faerie Mound it his uncle’s backyard, where he ends up trapped in Avalon, a doomed world where all our myths and legends are real, and the only way back home is the badly wounded (and pissed off) faerie that brought him there.
Deacon’s quest to get help for the injured faerie lands him in the village of Fen Glennan, where his uncle is a hero and he is an untrusted outsider from the horrific world of Abaddon (Earth). During his stay, He finds a few friends, a few enemies, and perhaps even love.
Upon his return to Earth, Deacon is forced to carry on his uncles ‘legacy’ and fulfill his dying wish, save the people of Fen Glennan and as many in Avalon as he can before it’s destruction.


I found 3 different types of covers for this book, and I’m not sure which one is the final version, so I do not feel confident enough to say anything about the cover or to even include it in this post.

This book was strange, but in a good way. It was a nice mix of mystery, romance, and what I like to call “x-file esq” genres. While it was a a little slow, the author was able to keep me intrigued enough to keep reading and reading and reading. I couldn’t put it down until every word was read! It was well- written by a talented author and it was hard to believe this was just a story and not based on fact.



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