Review of Mohawk Moon by N. Kuhn

A perfect mix of action, passion, and anticipation.



Janelle hasn’t been back to Fort Edward in ten years. All of a sudden, she’s dealing with her mothers death, her broken relationship with her sister, and a dark, sexy stranger following her. She doesn’t know whether to be scared, or excited.

Damien needs to restore his families honor. He wants to use Janelle to do it. There’s one problem, someone is standing in the way. He’s vowed that no one will stop him from getting what rightly belongs to his family. But, can he sacrifice Janelle for it?

Together they must try to save what’s left of both their families, and along the way, deal with what’s growing between them. Join Damien and Janelle on the beginning of their journey, under the Mohawk Moon.

The beautiful cover is mesmerizing and mysterious. The top oozes sexuality, while the bottom conveys the mystery of the story.

I really enjoyed this story. Damien was sexy as hell AND he can sing! I really enjoyed the suspense and the unexpected turns in this story. I didn’t see any of it coming! It was well written, well thought out, and the emotions that poured forth on every page were felt easily and smoothly. Everything about it was smooth and flowed nicely. I can’t wait to read the next one!


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