Review of Too Close to Home by Tressa Messenger

Suspenseful, heart-pounding, emotional!



When the body of a beautiful and popular senior head cheerleader, Melissa Cooley, is found brutally stabbed to death at the local high school it sends the small coastal county in North Carolina goes into frenzy. To make matters worse, another body, slacker boy named Ronald Marks, is found hanging from the field goal post only a day later. Pamlico County native Detective Carma Jones and her partner, Harold Green, set out on a search for this ruthless assailant who is wrecking so much havoc in her normally peaceful county. No one is safe and everyone is a suspect. The twists and turns along the way lead them in a direction Carma would never have guessed. One that is filled with deep secrets that were meant to stay buried. Will she be too late to stop the real murderer from killing again?

The cover of this book makes sense, because it is a mystery, but it feels a little understated for the amazingness (is that even a word?) of this story. The title, however, is perfect for the story.

I’m usually really good at keeping my emotions in check during killings, rapes, etc (in books and TV shows), but as the victim was being “claimed” in this book my heart pounded in fear and I actually started crying for her. This read like I was watching an episode of a crime show! Crime scenes were realistic and the law enforcement wasn’t “glamorized”. It was unpredictable and there were a lot of unexpected twists and turns as we followed Carma (love the name, by the way) through her investigation. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I hope we will see a follow up.

The one and only note I have is that the author seemed to go back and forth with the name of the High School coach; a one minute he was Coach Brady and the next it was Coach Grady and kept changing.



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