Review of A Life Not My Own by T.M Brown

Powerful and emotional!



SSHHH, be quiet boy! You want to eat, don’t you? Just take the stuff on top and let’s go!”

“Who dat? Lil Tina and Mack, iz dat you?”

“Yes Ma’am”

“What yal doing down dere? What……. Yal come on up here right now!”

“See…I told you to be quiet! Now, we in trouble.” I said.

My mind was already thinking about the various ways this might play out. I don’t remember, or maybe I haven’t been able to remember, the circumstances that brought my brother Mack and I to this point. All I know is, to this day, I can still feel how hungry we were and how good those fish scraps looked when we found them wrapped in aluminum foil, sitting right on top of the trash below the lid of the first trashcan that we searched.

The cover for this book is intriguing and artful. It is a perfect representation of the mix of emotions presented in this story.

There isn’t much I can say, because I was so invested in the story and the lives of the characters that I paid no attention to the writing, editing, etc. In this book, it didn’t matter if a word was misspelled or grammar was incorrect; all that mattered was the emotion and the story. The author was able to effortlessly (or so it seemed) convey sympathy- along with other emotions- for the brothers from the very 1st page. I thank the author for this amazing book and I hope she keeps writing.


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