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My blog is called Kitty Muse and Me, because my big 17# cat usually keeps me company while I read or write.  She is often on top of whatever I am trying to read or write, truth be told.

Do you know who this is?


Well, let me tell you!!  Her name is Kathy Ree.  On her blog page she writes, This is where I review books, host author interviews, and share about my own writing.”

When asked to describe her blog, she says “I do book reviews (Kitty Muse Book Reviews), then I offer the author the opportunity of being interviewed afterward.  My interview focus is always on the book I just read, and any info related to it (future books, clarification of the use of certain scenes, etc.).  I also do editing, and am currently working on two projects.  Both manuscripts are very interesting, and I hope I can spiff up the authors’ wordcrafting so that their prose can really shine when they submit to the publishers of their choice.”

I’ve only met her via facebook and she shares that “I’ve just started a page on Facebook, Euphrates Bookstore, as a place where authors can post their books and then invite their contacts—family, friends, neighbors, etc.—to come browse the virtual shelves, click on the websites that the authors provide, and buy from there.  My aim here is to get authors and readers together; so often we as authors tend to market only to each other, which really makes no sense.  It’s like a Girl Scout troop selling cookies to just the people in their troop.  It may work, but it’s limited.”

I must admit, I haven’t stopped by that particular facebook page of hers to date.  I do intend to browse through it soon.

When speaking about herself on a personal level, she says “When I don’t have my face buried in the computer screen, I like to quilt, do yardwork, grow veggies and roses, and write.  I’ve just signed a contract with Mountain Springs House Publishing, so they will be publishing my four-book series, starting in July.  This will be Book One of the “Pride’s Damnation” series, entitled “UnHoly Trinity”.  I think you can figure out the genre…

I love where I live—in the Pacific Northwest.  I have one slightly-used husband and two kids.  Well, they’re not so much kids anymore.  Our son is 23, and studying in Brasil.  Our daughter, 21, is completing her third year in college, and she drew the front cover for my first book, “Be Not Afraid”.  She is currently working on the cover for the third book, “Resurgence:  The Rise of Judas”, and will do the photoshop on the cover for Book 1 when my cousin finishes the sketches.

I read something recently, and it does apply:  “A clean house is the sign of a broken computer”.  As I look around this room, I can safely assure you that my computers/kindle/phone are all working just fine, thank you.  Someone call Merry Maids…”

I was laughing at that last little tidbit she shared of herself.  Thank you for a good laugh, Kathy!  I can relate completely as a mother and a blogger.  I think that particular phrase suits me more as a mother.  It reminds me of the phrase “Good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids”.

Go and see what her blog is all about here:  Let her know I sent ya


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