Interview of a Harlequin Author

Now, keep calm. I know it’ll be hard when I tell you exactly who I am interviewing today, because I can not believe it myself! I’m having a hard time over here, trying not to hyperventilate. This author is beautiful, kind, fun, sweet, and amazing at her craft. She writes romance/mystery books that are set in the state of Montana; where she is from. Also, she’s a USA Today Bestselling Author! I absolutely love her books and am so honored that she agreed to be a guest here. Now, as I said, keep calm while I introduce…………………………………………………………… B.J Daniels!

(If you need medical attention after that shock of excitement, please call 911)


*Breathe in… two, three, four…. and out… two, three, four.* Okay, I think I’m ready now. *Big smile*

Welcome to the laboratory, B.J. I’m so happy to have you here that I won’t even make the jokes I normally do 🙂 I’m such a fan of your work that I wait for the next book with frustrated anticipation 🙂 Thank you for being with us today. Why don’t we start by telling the folks a little about you?

We moved to Montana when I was five and I fell in love with the state. My father’s family was storytellers. I grew up listening to their tall tales and always wanted to be a writer. I sold my first book, ODD MAN OUT, in 1995. Before that I had been working as a reporter/editor for a newspaper so I’d been writing. I also sold short stories to Woman’s World. (My favorites of those stories are available digitally from Amazon and Smashwords now) Since then I have sold over 80 books. I love to write so it is what I do.

550325_557640344247457_1857401343_nWow, 80 books! You are a artist! When and why did you start writing?

I used to write little stories and make my friends and cousins listen to them. I liked scary stories the best. But I didn’t actually kick myself in the behind and get seriously writing until I was 30. Suddenly, I realized it was time to do it. I quit a really good job and went to work for the newspaper writing features. But I always wanted to write fiction. So a few years later, I started working on a book for a new line called Harlequin Intrigue. The rest is history.

History worth learning! If they taught that kind of history in school, I would have gotten an A+! Since you are such an amazing author, I wonder about who has inspired you. Who is your favorite author and why?

Oh wow. I have so many favorites. Who did I buy the minute she has a book out? Elizabeth George.

Do you feel that Elizabeth George inspired your writing? Do you feel that your writing is modeled after her?

Elizabeth writes English mysteries so I wouldn’t say my work is modeled after hers. But she also writes complex mysteries so yes, I do like a lot going on and I try really hard to keep my readers guessing.

Trust your biggest fan, me, when I say that you do just that. You also have a gift that I look for when reading books, and that is making me feel something for the characters; even the villains. What else do you hope to accomplish with your writing?

I just want to entertain. All mysteries are about good overcoming evil. So there is a moral. And I do put in some Montana history. But my biggest goal is to keep readers up late at night finishing my book. I like fast pacing. I try to get my readers to keep turning those pages quickly.

I’ve actually been known to start one of your books when I wake up and finish before going to bed. I just can’t put them down! Traditional or self publishing and why?69464_603982052946619_409337787_n

 I started in traditional publishing and am happy where I am right now. But I have dabbled in self-publishing. My short story books are available only digitally. These are my favorite stories I wrote before I started writing books. Also all of my books are available now digitally. I still like to hold a paperback in my hands though.

I agree. I always try to buy your books in paperback, but sometimes I have to suffer and get digital; stupid economy 🙂 Speaking of your books, please tell us about your most recent book and why we should love or hate your characters.

Oh, my latest book, CARDWELL RANCH TRESPASSER, has the most fun villain I think I have ever written. She is so wonderfully evil. There is nothing quite like someone who is a master at appearing normal and yet being far, far from it.

Oh, that sounds delightfully evil! I’m going out to Barnes & Noble and picking it up right after this. Now, comes the most difficult question of the interview…If your book had a soundtrack, what is the first 5 songs you would include?

I love the old songs so I’d pick: Crazy, Bad Moon Rising, Delta Dawn,  It’s Cryin’ Time Again and Release Me.

Oh, I love Delta Dawn! *Starts to sing* “Delta Dawn, what’s the flower you have on? Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?” Okay, sorry to assault your ears. Let’s get back to the interview. Aside from writing or reading, what is your favorite pastime?

I took up quilting about three years ago and now I am addicted. It’s like writing in that you get to be creative. My quilted projects are a lot like my books…LOL, I put things together in a way like no one else does. Good or bad.

530683_554914501186708_658702109_nI love to look at your beautiful quilts on Facebook. Thank you for sharing that special part of your life with us. What is the one thing you want to do, or the one place you want to go, that you would put at #1 on your bucket list?

There was something I’ve been wanting for a really long time but it wasn’t until recently that my daughter called to tell us we were about to have our 7th grandchild. (I know I’m too young to have grandchildren.) So I got another granddaughter and—I finally got a pontoon boat!!! That had been on my list for a really long time. So, that kind of completes my list.

Too young to have grandchildren? You’re too young to have children! What are you, now, 21? Finally, what else would you like readers to know?

I think readers probably know everything about me except maybe this: I figure out my plots when I drive. My brother and I just took a long road trip and I worked out my next plot. He was great help since he has read all of my books.

That’s so nice that he supports you like that. I often figure out some things while I’m driving too, because I’m not thinking about it and it just comes to me. Maybe that will happen today when I go out to Barnes & Noble, even if it is only about 3 minutes away lol… Once again, thank you so so much for being my guest. I’m so honored to know you and interview you. It always means so much to me when I connect with authors, because their books mean so much to me. It sounds weird, but books mean more to me than a lot of my other possessions; except my cameras of course. Here’s a little secret for you and for my readers, I often dream about characters from books; even months after reading the last word. I appreciate everything you do and every word you right, B.J. Readers, if you’d like to connect with B.J please look below for links. Thank you for reading my interview with the fabulous B.J Daniels!

Write: B.J. Daniels, P.O. Box 1173, Malta, MT 59538 31674_127937147217781_6943453_n

Email her at

Check out her webpage and blog at


Links to her most recent book:

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