Review of Finding Trust by Natalie Gayle

A new twist on the human/animal hybrid.



COVER DESIGN: The cover has beautiful colors. A man’s back never looks more sexy than when a gun is sticking out of his waistband. The addition of the tagline and the fact that his other hand is a fist only add to the mystery of the cover. Love it.

WHAT I LIKED: Everything. I was drawn in from the very first page and the connection I felt to the characters was intense. Instead of feeling like I was the reader, I felt like I was every characters; I loved when they did, cried when they did, jumped in surprise when they did, etc. I felt like these characters and the story were pouring out of the pages and into my apartment. The author is very talented and has gained a new fan… Me.





3 thoughts on “Review of Finding Trust by Natalie Gayle

  1. Hey Genevieve,

    Thanks for hosting my tour today. Glad you enjoyed the book. I’m hard at work writing Finding Judgement – Rory and TJ’s story. All the gang will be back for another adventure! I’m having a great time writing it.

    Thanks again


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