Review of Spring Cleaning by Brandi Salazar

An incredible mix of mystery and romance.

Synopsis: Sometimes, relationships can be deadly.

Terri thought she was marrying a strong, loving man, only to find that beneath that handsome face lies something cold, brutal, and dangerous. After years of abuse, Randy takes things a little too far, and Terri finally summons the courage to take matters into her own hands and make her escape. But freedom comes at a price.

Forging a new life, Terri tries to forget her past, but she can’t help looking over her shoulder at every turn. When prison bars can no longer hold Randy, and her past comes knocking, Terri finds that the strength to trust again may be her only salvation.

guy girl closes her mouth


COVER DESIGN: I like it, but I don’t think the woman looks afraid enough.

WHAT I LIKED: This author has a lot of talent. The mixture of drama and romance was so well crafted, that I went through more emotions in this one book than I ever have before while reading. It cleverly mixes good and bad, sweet and shocking, and mysterious and romantic. It seemed almost effortless for the author to convey anticipation, intrigue, and scenes that made my adrenaline run high from page 1 until the very end.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: I would have liked to see the fight scene in the beginning described out a little bit more. Also, the editing needed a closer look. At first, it wasn’t so bad but then I found a few errors that I had to re-read the sentence a few times for it to make sense.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I very much enjoyed this book and I hope we see these characters and the Sunset Black bar again. This author is very talented and kept me glued to my seat at every turn.



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