In the Shadows PROMO

Bullying has always been a big problem in schools. It might be more public these days, but it has always been a problem for children who are just trying to learn something and earn a diploma. One girl’s journey through bullying was harder than most, but she overcame it and lives happily to this day. Want to figure out how? Well, she published a book based on her own experience and hopes that it will help someone out there overcome their own struggles.


This is an amazing and emotional book that will help children and parents. Everyone should read this book, because everyone should have this inside look into the life and heart of a bullied teen. It made me cry, but it also made me proud of the main character and the author for overcoming these obstacles.

As the mother in the book says, “Steel is strong,” she explained. “It can make things like aircraft carriers and railways. But, steel can also be molded into the shape of a knife and create a blade that cuts through any obstacle.” She released my hands and placed hers on either side of my face. “You are that blade, Emma.”

Check out this amazing book here: or here:


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