Review of Dying to Live & Author Interview

Please help me welcome C.M Wright to the laboratory as she creeps into the interrogation room.

It’s no shock that C.M Wright is a fan of the television show The Walking Dead, because her books are centered around a world where zombies have “come alive” and are terrorizing the citizens. What might be a little surprising is the fact that she is also a wife and a mother. When she is not writing, she loves to just hang out with her family and have fun.



Without further adieu, let’s meet the wonderful C.M Wright!


Welcome to the laboratory, C.M. A lot of people like to hear about when a person started writing, so please tell us when and why did you start writing? I’ve written since I was young, anything I thought about, I wrote down. I never was brave enough to publish until The Walking Dead went on their stinkin’ season break. I’ve published 4 books since October 2012. I’ve just always loved writing, sometimes it seemed like I HAD to write or I would go nuts! More so than usual anyway.

Congrats on your books! Who is your favorite author and why? I have so many, but I will control myself and just tell you the ultimate…Stephen King – who else! He has such an incredible imagination and can go from one extreme to the other with each book. His mind fascinates me. LOL

Do you feel that Stephen King inspired your writing? Do you feel that your writing is modeled after him/her? No, he always intimidated me. I could never live up to the SK potential. And no, my writing is nowhere near his level.

I don’t know about that… Your writing is pretty creepy; in a genius sort of way. I would compare you to Stephen King. I imagine his stuff was much like yours when he was first starting out. Now that you are a published author, what do you hope to accomplish with your writing? Of course to make money and help my hubby to support our family, but I also want to share all the craziness that swims around in my head.

Speaking of craziness, traditional or self publishing and why? Self-publishing. I don’t want to be classified as one genre, and with a publishing company, your freedom to write what you want isn’t always there. Plus, I get to skip the months – sometimes even years – of sending the script out, waiting for a publisher to decide if they like it or not – if they even bother to read it – and then all the time it takes to get published and released. With indie-pub, my READERS are the first ones to say they like it or not. THEY are the ones who matter.

Yes, readers are most important. For those readers who haven’t read your work, tell us about your most recent book and why we should love or hate your characters. My most recent book is the fourth in the Zombie Overload Series, Determined To Live. I think all of my main characters have both good and bad qualities. There are twists and turns that you don’t see coming for each of them. Sorry, no spoilers. Anything specific would be just that.

This list will probably be quite predictable, but let’s see if you can surprise us. If your book had a soundtrack, what is the first 5 songs you would include?

1. Thriller (which is also my theme song when writing…of course!)

2. Unwell by Matchbox Twenty

3. LOL This is what I sing when I kill someone off – zombie or not – Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

4. When the main character is being a bada**, this is in my head, Bad by M. J.

5. These last ones I like and believe are appropriate for the main character, Canada – What doesn’t Kill You by Kelly Clarkson and Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Okay, one point for you; you surprised me. What is the one thing you want to do, or the one place you want to go, that you would put at #1 on your bucket list? Make enough money so that my husband can retire, that’s my dream anyway, but I would LOVE to go to Ireland.

Ah, a fellow Ireland lover! Maybe we’ll take a trip there one day! Finally, what else would you like readers to know? I’m writing a vampire book right now before I go back to the Zombie Overload Series.

Oooo, that sounds fantastic. With your creepy, sexy writing, I’m positive that you will take vampires to a whole new level. I hope you had fun in my laboratory and I’m glad to learn that you aren’t actually a zombie in disguise.

Readers, now that we’ve met and learned a bit more about the fantabulous C.M Wright, how about we get down the review?

First of all, let me just say that I usually steer clear of anything with zombies in it, but I will definitely be reading the rest of this series and anything else by C.M Wright!



COVER DESIGN: Creepy, but appropriate.

WHAT I LIKED: I thoroughly enjoyed this book! There was no lack of action and suspense and it kept me on my toes and my adrenaline above the danger zone the whole time. The main character, Canada- whose name I love, by the way, was strong and confident, but also had an underlying fear that propelled her into a protective mother, daughter, and wife. This was very exciting and very well written. As I said in the interview, I would definitely compare her to Stephen King and recommend her to anyone who was a fan of King’s novels. I can almost smell a movie deal in C.M’s future.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: Nothing. However, if you are squeamish I must warn you that this may not be the book for you. I’m NEVER squeamish, but even I knew that it was a mistake to read this before bed.

Visit C.M here and tell her I sent you!



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