Studying Witchlings- Dual Review of Dark Summer & Autumn Storm

Both of these books were authored by Lizzy Ford and I must say that I am very impressed with her level of imagination, along with her ability to portray the worlds and spirits of Light and Dark.






DARK SUMMER: I love the purple words against the dark background. It’s a very magical cover; spirit animal and all.

AUTUMN STORM: Perfect. The golden colors with the hint of orange is a perfect representation of the season of Autumn. Beautiful.

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT DARK SUMMER: The twins were so fantastic and realistic. I love anything with reference to the seasons. I’m so in love with Decker that I was getting jealous of the girls in the book (He reminds me of a younger version of Darynda Jones’s Reyes Farrow in the grave books: I also really enjoyed the new “modern” Hogwarts she sort of created. Being of Wiccan belief, I enjoyed the realistic representations in this book. For example, (Spoiler alert) “Amber hopped off the table and drew a crystal and some sage from the bag between them. She lit the sage, tired the crystal to its base, and blew on the fiery herb until smoke puffed towards Summer. The rich, earthy scent was comforting.” Great job Lizzy! Also, thank you for being brave enough to include sexual relations between minors; it made the books that much more relate-able.


WHAT I LIKED ABOUT AUTUMN STORM: First of all, let me say that book #2 was 110% better than #1. While I didn’t dislike book #1, I gave it an A- rather than an A+- because of the… speed, I guess; there were a few moments in book one when I felt it progressed a little slowly. However, that being said, book #2 did not do this at all and that is why it got that little + sign next to its A. I could not put this book down, but was forced to so I could go to sleep. Finishing it this morning was like finishing a very important mission; my life depending on it… That’s also why I drank 3 cups of coffee! I would not give up until I finished this amazing book! It was powerful and some scenes even left me speechless from their impact. It was highly emotional; it made me cry. laugh, worry, hope, and cheer for the characters and the story itself. I enjoyed the way the author conveyed subtle references to book #1 without overdoing the reiteration of Dark Summer. I do, however, find myself wondering about Biji more and more as I read this series and hope to see her story soon; or at least a short novella about her- hint hint, wink wink.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT AUTUMN STORM: While there was nothing about the actual story that I didn’t like, I did find quite a few editing errors, but I sensed that the author was just as engrossed in writing it as I was in reading it and her fingers typed faster than her brain could comprehend. None of these errors took away from the story, but rather added to it. Like I said, I sensed that the author was seeing these scenes in her head and her fingers were flying across the keyboard without her control… This, made it obvious that the scenes were just as emotional to the author as they were to the reader and made me realize just how much the characters meant to her as she was writing and probably still do.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: This author has amazing talent and I believe she will continue to write amazing stories. I will definitely be on the lookout for the next book and be waiting impatiently until I can read about Decker, Beck, Summer, and Biji again!



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