Daily Rant x 2

Okay, are you ready for a dual rant? Fair warning: I’m extremely upset, so this is going to be a nasty one!


Today’s lovely rant is brought to you by the incompetent and stupid delivery company called UPS.


Yesterday, I was supposed to have a package of book copies delivered. I saw the UPS idiot come, but never got a buzz on the door (I live in an apartment, so they have to ring the bell in order to be let in), so I thought that one of the neighbors was the one to get the package and my books were running late. Then, when my mom left this morning, she found a piece of paper tapped to the door that said “unable to leave package without customer signature”… WTF!? He never even attempted to deliver the damn package! What an inconsiderate, stupid, lazy jerk! Now, the slip of paper said they would be trying to deliver my package again today after 5PM… Great, but what do you think the chances are that they will ACTUALLY do as they say? It’s safe to say, I’m going to be writing on the slip that he has my written consent to leave the package… And I thought FEDEX was the worst delivery company!

To quote my favorite “no filter on her mouth” old lady, Sophia Petrillo, “That dumb botchagaloop!”


Now, remember how I said this was a dual rant? Well, here’s the second idiot of the day! Someone has contacted me and told me that my “Daily Rants” are probably not the most professional posts as an author. To this I say, I might not be being professional, but I’m being me and that will never change. What am I supposed to do, sit here and talk about birds and butterflies and “beautiful feelings”? That’s not reality. In real life, people piss us off, and instead of taking my anger out on the person who has compromised my blood pressure, I write a blog about it. Is that so wrong?

If you don’t like me, fine, but don’t try to change who I am. A lot of people have said that they enjoy my daily rants and they completely out weigh your “stick in the mud” attitude. You may be living the dream of being a high society snob, but I’m just an average girl and that’s who I’m going to continue to be, because I am proud of it. I’m a human being with human feelings and so are my readers.

Don’t like my daily rants, lady? Well, guess what? Now, you’re the focus of one. How do you like that?



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