Review of the TV show Castle- 100th Episode

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic; along with great actors like Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Tamala Jones, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever. It premiered in the year 2009 and has been going strong ever since.


This past Monday they celebrated their 100th episode!


BACKGROUND OF THE SHOW: The NYPD never thought they would have someone like Richard Castle on a ride along; especially not one that has lasted for almost five years! But, it turns out that he has been very valuable in almost every case! Now, that’s not to say that he doesn’t get on everyone’s nerves every once and a while, but he has proven to be a big help. He has become a friend, a partner, and a member of the “family”.



Richard Castle is a well-known name, because he is a bestselling author! Recently, however, he killed off his main character and is blocked for inspiration on his next set of books. But, when he’s arrested by NYPD Detective Katerine Beckett for murder, he finally finds the inspiration he’s been looking for. Now, thanks to his friendship with the mayor of New York City, he’s gotten permission to tag along with her on cases and observe her for his next book; Heat Wave.

castle-heat-waveThat, was almost five years ago. Now, he has written a total of four books- working on the fifth- based on Detective Kate Beckett (Character: Nikki Heat). Some things have changed at the precinct, including a budding relationship between a few of the characters and a marriage, but Castle and Beckett (or Caskett as the internet and avid fans have nicknamed them) are still strong partners and are solving crimes with the help of Team Rysposito (Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito- Fellow detectives) and the sexy and sometimes sharp tongued Medical Examiner, Lanie Parish.


Where we’ve seen the actor before: He starred in the one and only season of the TV show Firefly and had a small roll in the later seasons of Two Guys and a Girl.


Stana Katic Wallpapers @ go4celebrity.comKate Beckett became a cop to avenge her mother’s brutal murder, but eventually she realized just how much she loved the job. And, she’s really good at it. More than once, her fellow detectives and old boss said she was the best detective in the NYPD. There are some moments in your life when she second-guesses her career path, but she usually picks herself right back up and remembers why she joined the force in the first place. She has a fantastic work ethic, works great with her team, can handle a gun like a pro, and can catch the fastest criminal in the world… in heels!

When Castle first started following her around on the job, she found him to be a nuisance and a liability that she didn’t need. But, when he had her back and she started to enjoy having him around, she realized just how much she liked him and so did we; the tension hung in the air every episode and still does. Her family is her team, her heart yearns for her mother, her strength is as strong as steel, and her best friend is Lanie Parish.

Where we’ve seen the actress before: While Stana hasn’t been in anything huge in the past, she has guest starred on plenty of TV shows, such as Brothers & Sisters.


tamala-jonesLanie Parish isn’t only Beckett’s best friend, but she’s also the Medical Examiner. While she dissects the dead bodies that are brought into her morgue, she also dissects the living and seems to have a sixth sense about her friends. She seems to know almost everything before any one else does; even the fans of the show! While she’s not in EVERY episode of the show, she bumps the show up another notch on the HOT scale when she is. She’s beautiful, strong, humorous (when she wants to be), and, if looks could kill, she would have killed Castle 100 times over with the ones she shoots his way when he makes a sarcastic remark about the victims.

Remember those relationships I mentioned earlier? Well, Lanie is involved in one of them! I won’t tell you the details, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise for those of you who haven’t watched the show before, but let’s just say that the sheets are on fire when she gets together with the man she’s involved with.

Where we’ve seen the actress before: You may have seen her in the TV show One on One, but more than likely you will recognize her from the movie Head of State, starring Chris Rock.


MV5BMjA5NDEyNDU1MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjM0NzI4Ng@@._V1._SX427_SY640_Javier would do anything for the people he loves and does, but- first and foremost- he is a cop at heart. He busts up the bad guys, helps the good ones, and looks out for the confused and lonely ones. Growing up in a bad area, has ingrained in him a sense of loyalty and obligation to those children who have turned to a dark place in their lives, because of their circumstances. He believes in “innocent until proven guilty”, but won’t go lightly on anyone who is a suspect. He cares for Beckett like she was his sister and feels the same way for his “bro” Detective Ryan, and even Castle; even if he does shake his head at Castle’s remarks sometimes.

He is another one who shoots a gun like a pro, and looks absolutely sexy doing it. The only thing he does that is sexier than shooting his pistol, is standing up for his partner; Detective Kevin Ryan.

Where we’ve seen the actor before: While he has had a few rolls in film, and in life- including being an Air Force Veteran, he is probably most known for his time on the TV show Sabrina the Teenaged Witch as Harvey’s best friend, Brad.


59364_1629294731844_3497206_nWhile this Irishmen may not have the muscle power that his partner, Javier Esposito, has, he has the interrogation skills of a dictator! Suspects that sit across the table from him never stand a chance. Even if they don’t give up the information that he is hoping for, he always gets something out of them; even if that’s only an emotion or a reaction. He is methodical, smart, caring, and has a swagger that would make even Queen Elizabeth stare at his butt! It’s an unspoken rule that he is the “computer-genius” of the group and could find you almost anything in cyber space.

While he and Castle are not as close as Castle and Esposito, they do share their “geek-filled” moments with each other every now and then; be it about time travel, movies, video games, etc. While most people would consider that an odd trait, I find it endearing and never get sick of him and Castle acting like little boys when something like that comes into the conversation. He’s cute, he’s smart, and he’s a cop… You can’t go wrong with Detective Kevin Ryan.

Where we’ve seen the actor before: 1 season of Army Wives and 1 season of General Hospital.


susansullivanMeredith is Richard Castle’s mother and is still nearby to offer advice when she knows that her son needs it. Nothing means more to her than her son and her granddaughter, Alexis, but acting is in her blood and her heart. Her past is sketchy, at best, but her present is what’s important. No matter how many mistakes she makes in life, she can always add being a great mother to her list of accomplishments.

Since Alexis’s mother isn’t in the picture, she is the female influence in her granddaughter’s life and she is doing a great job at mentoring, helping, and consoling her through her life as a female.

Where we’ve seen the actress before: Kitty Montgomery on Dharma & Greg


Molly_Quinn_-_Castle_Season_4_Promos_001Alexis, “mini-Castle”, is the only child of the famous Richard Castle; even though he was married twice in the past.

She’s currently a freshmen in college, but visits her father often. Throughout the show, we watched her progress from a smart, love-struck, child to a genius young woman who often gives her father the clue to solve the case… Even if it is usually by accident.

She has attempted anything from Cheerleading to working with the Medical Examiner, but still hasn’t exactly found her “dream-job” or a direction in college. While she enjoys helping out her father on cases, she’s not sure if it’s the career direction she’d like to go or if it’s just a fun hobby.

Over the past years, she has grown close with Beckett. While she doesn’t exactly consider her a mother or sister, she does trust her to give advice and be there for her when she needs to talk “girl-talk”.

Where we’ve seen the actress before: She didn’t do much before Castle that we would know, but during the course of the show, she was also one of the stars in the Disney Channel Original Movie Avalon High.


Now, on to the actual review.

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THE SHOW IN GENERAL: The chemistry between all of the characters, not just Castle and Beckett, is incredible. You would think that they weren’t acting and you were actually watching a videotaping of real people!

THIS PAST WEEK’S EPISODE: The 100th episode saw Castle in a wheelchair after a skiing accident on his birthday week. When he is bummed about missing out on another case with the team, Alexis gives him a pair of binoculars to looks out his apartment window as entertainment. When he finally caves and looks out to the world through the lenses, he sees what he believes to be a murder in progress! There’s nothing he can do to stop it, so he calls Beckett and the team to investigate. They do, including interviewing the suspect, and find nothing to prove their friend’s story. They let it go, because there is nothing they can do without evidence, but Castle won’t give up; he’s determined to find evidence that the man killed his wife… Even Alexis helps him out.

Trailer for the episode

WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE EPISODE: I enjoyed the suspense and the mystery behind this episode. While every episode has these things, especially the episode before this past one, this episode was different. It was completely unexpected, unpredictable, and crazy! I would grant it the best episode of the show, except…

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT THE EPISODE: I wasn’t a fan of the fact that there was a case at the precinct in addition to the one that Castle was investigating. It was confusing and I honestly don’t even remember the other case, because the episode was more about what Castle was up to. That’s not to say that I would have wanted only one story or anything, but in this episode it just seemed out of place. However, that being said, I would never say no to watching this show and you shouldn’t either.

If you need to catch up on the past seasons, here are the links to purchase the DVDs:




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  1. Awesome review! I haven’t read any of Richard Castle’s books yet but I love watching the tv series of Castle!!

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