Charms & Curses- Dual Review of Two Amazing Books

In this review, we are going to highlight two novels in one post! Both of these novels center around a special object that brings the two individuals together. In book #1, Sweet Serendipity by Elena Gray, the object is an antique cake stand that is given to Gwen Palmer as a gift; the story behind it being that the groom went off to war and the bride waited for him to come back so they could get married.


In book #2, Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart, the object is Pandora’s Box. Yes, that Pandora’s Box! Pandora__s_Box_by_kevincu

One character has the key in her possession, and one character is hired to find the box and bring it back to his employer.

Because these two books are similar, in that respect, I’ve decided to ask them to share a post. Enjoy!

Sweet Serendipity by Elena Gray

fondo vintage


COVER DESIGN: Elaborate, but perfect! I found it hard to decide whether to drool over the delicious cupcakes or the gorgeous man.

WHAT I LIKED: I like the story and “charm” behind the cake stand, of course, but the romance between Gwen and Ethan was the real “charm” in this story. They were definitely made for each other. Elena’s writing is detailed, yet understated and sweet. When I read her description of the bakery and the goodies that were displayed, I was craving chocolate so much that I actually had to get some! Speaking of the bakery, “The Flaky Tart”, I love the name and wish it was a real place that I could visit and pig out at. Especially, if Gwen and Ethan were to team up; it’s also incredibly sexy to see a man who is proud of the fact that he is a dessert genius.

This book was also extremely hilarious and entertaining. I can totally relate to Gwen’s fumbling, “no-filter”, mouth!

I hope the author writes the stories of Stephanie and Maddie soon.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: I never wanted it to end! I literally screamed NO when I reached the end!

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I will definitely be picking up Elena’s books in the future.

Seduce Me by Robyn DeHart



COVER DESIGN: A classic kind of sexy. There’s just enough skin showing to make it erotic, but also enough clothing to convey the time period.

WHAT I LIKED: The Indiana Jones feeling to the very beginning intrigued me from the first sentence. I usually don’t like Historical Romances, but I absolutely loved this one. It sort of had a paranormal/ Sci-Fi feel to it, which gave it an edge that most Historical Romances don’t possess. Usually, when I try to read Historical Romances, I also have the hardest time reading it, because of the “old-time” language. However, that was not the case with this book; I was unable to put it down without force.

I’m very jealous if the author for the professionalism of her writing. This is not a writer to be taken lightly. She would be in good company with Nora Roberts, James Patterson, and more on the New York Times Bestsellers List.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: *crickets*

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Robyn asked her Facebookers what adjectives we’d use to describe her books… Here are mine: Exciting, Intriguing, and Emotional.




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