Morgan Kearns Blog Hop- Day 2- Review of In It To Win It

Well, thank you for joining me for Day 2 of the Morgan Kearns Blog Hop! I’m so glad to see some familiar faces and, hopefully, a few new friends as well. Yesterday, we learned about Morgan’s books and her wonderful characters! Speaking of which, have you entered the giveaway yet? Well, if you haven’t you really should after reading this review of In It to Win It.



COVER DESIGN: This cover is sexy and athletic. It holds an air of mystery, yet perfectly reflects the story.

WHAT I LIKED: Grayson Pierce is mega-sexy! He’s outgoing and sweet, yet some what shy around Jane. As I read each page, I didn’t think things could get any better, but then he opened his mouth to sing and I think I was a puddle on the floor for a few minutes. I’m totally in love!

Jane Alexander is the type of woman that a lot of us can relate to. When she was in High School, she was referred to as “Plain Jane” and now she has made a life and a name for herself. Unfortunately, she also had the hugest crush on Grayson when they attended that High School together and now she’s been asked to get an exclusive on him and his baseball career. Every word of the story bring forth the mix of emotions that run through Jane when she sees Grayson again; pain, sadness, slight fear of a shattered heart that only started to heal, and, of course, that butterflies in the tummy feeling of attraction. If Jane was the baseball player, she’d probably feel like she was watching the ball soar over the stands and out of the ballpark every time she looked into his gorgeous eyes. Speaking of relating to her, I can relate to her situation as well. I’m sure most women can as well; everyone has a Grayson.

Also, the amazing chemistry between the two characters was enough to knock me on my feet, while I stood at the sink simultaneously washing the dishes.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: The only thing that I can put here is that I’m jealous of Jane. While everyone has a Grayson, not everyone gets a shot with their Grayson.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Snatch up this book here: and enjoy the ride and the journey with Grayson and Jane and the whole Las Vegas Rockets team!

Yesterday’s post:

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