Review of Game Murder, She Wrote 2

Wildtangent recently released the game Murder, She Wrote 2… It’s based on the popular TV show Murder, She Wrote starring Angela Lansbury and I was extremely excited to see it released. I enjoyed the first one very very much…

Screen shot from the game.

Screen shot from the game.

Jessica Fletcher

Jessica Fletcher

However, this game disappointed. I liked the prospect of the game and was glad to see all of the usual characters, but sadly other areas were lacking enough to make it unsuccessful.

Whomever they got to portray Jessica Fletcher’s voice, did not do a good job. It was a sad attempt at copying her voice and ended up sounding like a cross between The Queen of England and a ditzy cheerleader. The graphics of the game (seen to the left) were shotty and glassy. They had no reality at all; especially when it came to the faces of the characters. Granted, they made the characters look like they should (except the sheriff, who just looked sick).

I did like the plot of the game and, like I said, I was excited to see a second game based on the show I love so much. However, considering I could not FINISH the game, there isn’t much more I can say that I liked about it.

After only ten minutes of play, I got an error message on the screen and could not get rid of it or get out of the game without forcing my computer to close down the program. Due to this fact, the game received an average rating of a C+ from me.

If this glitch can be worked out by the creators, or- fingers crossed- this message was only an occurrence for me on my laptop (keep in mind I downloaded this as a “try for free” game from the Wildtangent app on my computer), this game could be quite enjoyable for those of you who like investigative games or fans of the TV show from the years 1984-1996.


– Graphics: B

– Audio: B

-Enjoyability: C

– Entertainment: C

– Accuracy to Topic: B+

– Difficulty: 3 out of 5 (moderate)



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