Review of New Hartford Subway- Inside Walmart



My mom and I went to the Subway inside of the Walmart in New Hartford, NY for dinner the other night. Our servers were Stephanie and Joe and they were great workers, even though they were a bit quiet and hard to understand sometimes. They were friendly, efficient, and fast. The area was neat and well organized and fully stocked, except for the bread, but we were there late so that doesn’t count.

I praise these workers, because the customer in front of us was almost impossible to be polite to. I, myself, wanted to smack her a few times. She was rude, indecisive, and verbally abusive to the workers and her children. The workers nicely got her through the line and built her subs without a word of complaint or a sign of frustration. It was little more difficult for me to get through while she was there, but I have a very hard time keeping my temper under wraps when someone is being abusive to children.

As for the food, I had the buffalo chicken sub (pictured below). It was delicious, fresh, and crisp. The bread was well baked and toasted to perfection. The combination of delicious tastes made me melt as they touched my tongue. It was probably a mistake to get spinach, but that’s mostly because my teeth weren’t the strongest, due to a recent dentist appointment 🙂 I have no complaints about the food. Even the sugar cookie I got was delicious; which is a change for me. Usually, there is so much butter in their cookies that I can not physically eat one, let alone the 3 they normally give you.


I would definitely recommend this Subway restaurant to anyone in the area. However, if you want a quiet place to eat, this would be the wrong Subway to visit. As I mentioned it is inside of a Walmart and therefore, it is no where near quiet.



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