Review of Standoff at Mustang Ridge

Standoff at Mustang Ridge by Delores Fossen was fantastic! Action packed, humorous at times, and always filled with desire!



COVER DESIGN: Sexy! Enough said.

WHAT I LIKED: Everything! The chemistry between Sophie and Royce is steamy from the battle in Chapter 1, right up until the celebration at the end. The connection I felt between them was amazingly strong. For instance, *SPOILER ALERT*, “She nodded, causing her face to brush against his mouth. Again, not a kiss, but Sophie felt it deep in her blood.” Wow. As for the rest of the book, it was all fantastic. The identity of the villain was unpredictable- which I love. With the amount of books I read and crime shows that I watch, I was happy that I couldn’t predict this.

WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE: Hmmm… Ummm… Well… I… Yeah…

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Can’t wait for the next one!



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