Review of Bound

Bound by Kira Saito was a very good and intriguing read.


Rating: A-

COVER DESIGN: Dark with a touch of color, mysterious, and definitely reminds me of New Orleans. If visiting New Orleans wasn’t already on my bucket list, this cover (and the story- which I’ll elaborate on later) would make me add it to the list.

WHAT I LIKED: Well, obviously, I loved New Orleans as the location, which made sense considering the content of the book (voodoo). Arelia is a rebel witch, who is just trying to figure out why she can do the things she can do. I love how strong and yet, strangely, feminine she is. Lucus, the love interest and a character you won’t see coming, is so swoon worthy that I wished he was focusing his attention on me. The book was well written, and I never wanted to put it down (though, I did reluctantly when I had to). With the turn of every page, something new exciting me; secrets were revealed at every turn.

WHAT I DISLIKED: I really could not even start to like the character of Sabrina. I’m not sure if the author was hoping we’d feel sorry for her or something, but I just couldn’t force myself to care even the slightest bit. She was bitchy and snobbish, but that was who the character was supposed to be. I’m not sure what Sabrina’s part in the story really was, but I’m assuming she will be elaborated on in the future books. Some of the dialogue in this book felt forced, but it was only a few sentences and then it was better. That being said, the editing could have used a little more work; especially punctuations.

NOTES: I like and dislike how awkward Arelia is with the spirits. I definitely feel like she’s only learning. Long story short, I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books on witchcraft and voodoo.



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