My Daily Rant

Okay, I was just in a public restroom and noticed a bunch of writing all over the stall door and I thought to myself, WHAT THE HECK IS THE POINT!? What is the allure of writing weird little saying on bathroom walls and doors? I really don’t get it! I mean, I suppose I could get men being juvenile and stupid (keep in mind I’m on a college campus, so I’m not talking about mature men), but in a women’s restroom? I mean some of the things written there were like, “Don’t blink. If you blink, you die.” Seriously!? How sick of a mind do you have to have to even think about writing something like that? Wow.

Tell me, what was the worst or weirdest thing you’ve ever seen written on a bathroom wall or door?


Okay, daily rant is over. Brought to you by the makers of Don’t Be Stupid- A miracle tool that makes you smart. And the best part about it is, it’s already inside of you. It’s called a brain!

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