Interview with Author A.B McKinley

Scott's most recent- and, in my opinion, sexiest- picture.

Scott’s most recent- and, in my opinion, sexiest- picture.

I am happy to welcome this amazing author, model, former soldier, and personal trainer. Discover his secrets in this interview. Everyone please help me in welcoming A.B McKinley (AKA Scott McKinley). You can also find him on Facebook: and Twitter: @KiltedDesire  (FAIR WARNING, HE TYPES IN HIS SCOTTISH ACCENT, SO SOME THINGS MAY BE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND).

Me: Ok, let’s start with your modeling. What made you start modeling?

The Sexy Scot: LOL, I needed a low priced cover fer my book.

Me: Now that you mention your book, tell the truth, is it you on the cover of your books?

The Sexy Scot: Absolutely. [For my readers, make sure you check him out on his Facebook page… Let’s just say a picture worth a thousand words].

Me: On the topic of your books…Typically, men don’t write romance novels.. So, I’m wondering, do you find people acting different because you’re a man?

The Sexy Scot: Aye people have been a wee bit surprised but I have nae had much negative reaction. Just a couple of people who think I’m a figment of someones imagination fer the purpose of selling books! Overall most people have been very supportive.

Me: Your books are highly romantic. What made you write in the Romance genre?

The Sexy Scot: – I have said this afore so some people who’ve read my prior interviews will be a wee bit bored reading this answer but it’s true. After everything that happened tae me, people kept telling me I should write a book, so I did. I did a wee bit of research and found oot that Romance books were the most popular, and as there was a romance element tae my story I decided tae make it a Romance/Action book.

Me: Do you think that your books have any similarity to your own life?

The Sexy Scot: Aye my books are based on some events in my life after leaving the military. [Readers: I can vouch for these books, they are fantastic!]

Me: For the fans that don’t know much about you, could you please tell us a little about your background?

The Sexy Scot: I was born in Glasgow on Valentines Day in the early 1970’s, grew up in that area, had many jobs afore joining the regular military and then Special Forces. Full details of my bio can be found on my FB fan page – See above link.

Me: Now that we’ve introduced both of your “careers”, which do you like more, writing or modeling?

The Sexy Scot: Modeling is easier but they’re both kinda fun.

Me: Are you planning more books in the future?

The Sexy Scot: Hopefully there will be a KD3 😉

Me: Ooooo I’m excited! Are there any other endeavors you are planning on accomplishing in the future?

The Sexy Scot: Och I just take each day as it comes.

Me: Thank you for answering my questions. What else would you like to tell readers and fans?

The Sexy Scot: Aye, please join my FB fan page. Also, $1 fae every purchase of my books and MacHollister Fragrances goes tae the Haggis Protection Fund back haem in Scotland. The Haggis is now nearly extinct so this is a very worthwhile cause, in fact there’s now less than 200 wild Haggii (plural) left in the highlands.

Me: That sounds like it is very near and dear to your heart. I hope you get to donate a lot to the cause. Again, thank you for joining me and guesting on my blog and good luck with everything!

Readers: Check out his books at the following links…


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