Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2

First of all, let me say that Part 2 of Breaking Dawn was the BEST Twilight movie ever! Although the ending left a little bit to be desired, the rest of the movie made up for it. While the other four movies were captivating and lacked nothing in the battle department, this movie had me at the edge of my seat as tears rolled down my cheeks and a smile split across my face. My emotions were so high and ever changing that I felt like I had been on a roller coaster. You know that feeling when you are at the top of a hill and your heart goes to your stomach and you think to yourself “I’m going to die”, but yet you can’t help but giggle as you race down the mountain of metal? That was what this movie did to me. Thankfully, I got no where near the amount of fear that I experienced the one time that I ever went on a roller coaster, but than this movie gave me a different kind of fear. I feared for the characters’ lives and for the safety of Renesmee Cullen.


Speaking of Renesmee… The addition of the character really enhanced the story line. It brought out the HUMAN in Edward and the protectiveness in Jacob. Also, there was never a better acting job by Kristen Stewart than when she was playing the protective mother in this movie. I won’t say too much on that fact, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, but keep a lookout for this scene and watch Bella kick some ass (whose ass I won’t mention 😉 ). Also, in addition to Kristen Stewart’s character kicking some Werewolf ass… Oops, did I just let that slip?… it is also this reviewer’s personal opinion that she is a hell of a lot better actress than she ever was when she was playing a human in the other four movies.


The young actress that played Renesmee was Mackenzie Foy. While this movie didn’t give her many times to speak, her eyes did a lot of great acting. While an important character to the story, she was also a timid character. I imagine that if and when we see Mackenzie in the future, she will be able to play anything from the adorable daughter to a little spitball of fire.


So, if you haven’t yet, go see Breaking Dawn Part 2 and you won’t be sorry. However, you will be sorry if you don’t bring the tissues with you…


P.S Readers: My only caution about this movie is that there are some scenes that aren’t suitable for young children. I know that all of the movies have said that in the past, but this one is the one I would caution about the most.


3 thoughts on “Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2

  1. Well now… I must say I only disagree with you on one point: the first movie, I felt, was very lacking. (You said none of them were lacking in the battle dept.) I felt like I wanted to fast forward much of the first movie until the car scene when Edward is super angry at what those men were thinking. Every movie after was great, but the first one I can’t stand! And re-reading the books, I find myself not liking the first book as much as the others. Maybe because it was a first for Meyer, maybe because much of it was introduction to this world. But the movie… all those scenes of the forest and the whole jumping from tree to tree thing was really dragged out! But this is coming from someone who loves the tension and action much more than the other parts so I guess to each his own. 😛 Sorry for the rant just some thoughts spilling out. 😀

    • I concede. You are correct in saying that the first movie was lacking in battle. I tend to forget about the first movie, because it is so unimportant; except for the story behind Bella and Edward. I feel like the first movie was sort of separate from the rest of the series. I agree about the tension and action. Thanks for the comment!

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