The Depression of Being an Author

Sometimes, we all have a day where we want to quit. Today, was one of those days for me. I wanted to quit being an author. In fact, I even posted it to Facebook. But, with the help of some amazing friends, I realized that it was crazy to have that feeling. While it was completely understandable- since I wrote about two whole sentences all day and about a paragraph in the last week- it was also the chicken’s way out. I had no faith in my self and it is my biggest flaw. I have no self- confidence. One little snag and I’m throwing the whole thing out the proverbial window. But, after a lot of talking with friends and a loooooooooooooot of thinking, I picked myself up and gave my withered pride a pep talk. No one’s perfect, I told myself. You’re just having a dry spell.

Even professionals- authors and athletes alike- have their dry spells, but if we don’t pick ourselves up and try again we’ll never be able to move forward. We’d always be in that dry spell; even if we quit. Quitting doesn’t bring happiness or success; it only creates a chicken. Don’t play chicken with your talents. Fight them, battle out the difficulties, and win. They say creativity never sleeps, but it does take it’s occasional naps. During those times, take advantage of the lull in the onslaught of ideas and if it lasts a little too long, lock yourself in a room, turn the music on full blast, and scream it out!



P.S to everyone: Whatever if making you depressed or upset, don’t let it slip away, because when it’s gone you miss it more than you ever would have expected.


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