Review of Lucky 13 (Deadlines and Diamonds) by Morgan Kearns

Overview: Rockets Left Fielder Enrique Santiago considers himself a lucky guy, except when it comes to love.

A painful past with one very prominent reminder molded Shayne Xavier into the woman she is.

Unaware of the demons of her past, Ricky tries to offer strength as Shayne’s life spins out of control. Sometimes Happily-Ever-After is too good to be true.

The term family is defined as the connection between two or more people that exceeds obligation; complete trust, love, honest; forever. Lucky 13 (Deadlines and Diamonds) by Morgan Kearns defines family. When I was reading it, I got warm and fuzzy, teary eyed, nostalgic, happy, sad, hopeful, and even laughed a little bit. I felt like the characters were jumping off of the page and into my life; they were MY family. I cheered for them and wanted to scream when they were on the edge. They had their problems, their faults, their bad luck, and their troubles, but, they also had their love. It was the light at the end of the tunnel that led them to where they belonged. Morgan’s words embodied love; the kind of love that made me wish there was a Enrique Santiago in MY life and MY heart.

I strongly recommend this novel and always will.

P.S Morgan: I think we all wish we could “climb into a DeLorean, put the pedal to the floor and hit [our] eighty-eight miles an hour.”



3 thoughts on “Review of Lucky 13 (Deadlines and Diamonds) by Morgan Kearns

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