Review of Game Over by Taylor Keating

Overview: Video-game designer River Weston is ready to sell her soul to smooth out the glitches in her latest project. When she unwittingly taps into a parallel dimension via cutting-edge technology, a Dark Lord is quick to take her up on her inadvertent offer. Trapped in the world she thought she’d created only for her game, River finds herself in a very real alternate dimension that she must escape from before her soul is forced to unleash evil- upon this dimension and many others.

River’s only ally is the sexy and mysterious Chase Hawkins. A prisoner of the Dark Lord, Hawk is a man adrift- literally. While his body is safe at home under the watchful care of the Guardians’ scientists, his astral- traveling spirit has been enslaved by his people’s worst enemy, the Dark Lord. Clinging desperately to his sense of self, Hawk is determined to turn the tables on his captor before the connection to his body is lost. When beautiful, achingly familiar River enters the picture, he vows he will do everything he can to save her from her bleak fate.

Drawn together by an inescapable force, Hawk and River must wrest her soul from the Dark Lord’s grasp before it’s too late.

(Back Cover Words)

This book started slow and confusing, but once I was into it it was hard to put it down. It is definitely a book that keeps you thinking until the end. There is nothing sensitive about this novel; if you have a sensitive stomach, be careful reading this book. The war ridden world that Taylor Keating created, with werewolves, Fae, Guardians, and more, is so realistic I was almost feeling the danger through my own body.

River Weston was an incredibly strong, intelligent, magical being that I found myself saying, “I wish I was like her.”

Hawk, was another story. He had so many dark secrets and memories, that I wished I could step into the book and sooth his soul. I even cried during a scene toward the end that had to do with him. I can’t reveal the scene, but let’s just say it is hard not to react when a man thinks about his passed daughter.

There were a few errors I noticed, but they were nothing that ruined the story or anything. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and hope everyone picks it up at some point in their lives, because everyone will feel something they need to feel after reading this novel. For example, I now feel that my nightmares are nothing compared to what these characters experience in THE GAME.


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