Cheddar Cheese Pasta

Have you ever tried Cheddar Cheese on Pasta, instead of Mozzarella? It is delicious! You still have the normal taste of cheese with your pasta, but there is an additional singe of taste that really kicks up the dish. I discovered this little tid bit when I was out of hot sauce. Let me explain… Usually when I make pasta I add some hot sauce to give it a kick, but one day I had no hot sauce and was unaware of it until after my pasta was cooked. I hadn’t planned on putting cheese on the dish, because I knew we had no Mozzarella, but when I noticed the Cheddar in the Refrigerator I decided to take a chance. What a miraculous result I got! It still dances on the tongue every time I eat it. It’s doing the Salsa on my taste buds; each “foot stomp” vibrating through my nerves and sending a sensory message of pleasure to my brain. But, enough about my “pleasures” 😉 . How many of your will dare to try this new twist on a plate of pasta? If you try it, leave a comment about your experience. If you blog about it or post about it on Facebook, please share the link!


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