Review of Savior in the Saddle by Delores Fossen

Overview: Willa has amnesia. During a hostage situation, she fell and went into a coma. She has been in hiding, successfully, on her own for two months. Her motto is, Don’t Trust the Cops. But, when one particular cop shows up at her door and tells her that he is the father of her unborn child, she has no choice but to trust him, because an assassin is after her.

In past reviews, I’ve had a lot of words that were almost the same between each review. While all of those words apply to this novel as well, they are not strong enough to describe it. The only two things I have to say about this book are: 1) I fell in love with Brandon from almost the beginning and 2) When the book was done, I breathed a soft sigh of pleasure. I didn’t wish it wasn’t over, because everything was over and Willa was safe. I didn’t have any part of the book that I didn’t like; it was all fantastic. Delores Fossen is an amazing author and I plan to read everything novel I can by her!


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