Interview of Isabelle Esling

By: Genevieve Scholl


Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow author about herself. Isabelle Esling is a music journalist, writer, and teacher of languages who lives in London, but her dream would be live in Paris. She describes her hobby as “collecting memories on paper”. She says that writing comes to her naturally, which is a real gift, and she started writing as a child illustrating her own stories.

Q: Explain to us what a music journalist actually is.

A: Good question! Being a music journalist for a decade, I do consider myself to be a kind of musical detective. You have to search for new talents, expose skills. You have to go deep into the music and figure out the artist’s intent. So, yes to me a music journalist is a musical detective at first, but also someone who is driven by a passion and who is capable of putting music into words.

Q: Your book is about Eminem, but do you listen to music other than rap? What kind and who is your favorite band or singer in that genre?

A: I am very eclectic. I love rap music and am very much into the Detroit Rap Scene. I love old school rap, including Mc Hammer. I was also raised into classical music and jazz and I love soul music (James Brown is my idol) and blues. I have a preference for black music in general, but I also like artists such as Rod Stewart and Maverick Sabre.

Q: Who, in the music business, would you most like to meet?

A: I’d be interested in meeting Dr. Dre. He impresses me, as a person and as an artist.

Q: Do you read Fiction and if you do who if your favorite author?

A: I write more than I read at the moment, to be very honest, but the book I came across during a Parisian trip was “Le Bonheure du Jour” by Jose Cabanis. Other authors I love are Balzac, Friedrich Schiller, Victor Hugo, Guy de Maupassant, Chamisso, and Heinrich Heine.

It was a pleasure interviewing you Isabelle! Thank you for sharing your secrets with me, and I hope you have a lot of success.

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