Review of Caught Off Guard by Kira Sinclair

Overview: Anne is in danger, and Blake is determined to protect her. Enough said 🙂


First of all, the background in the novel was beyond average and really pulled me into the story. Second, the characters were amazing. Blake was delicious and honorable, Anne was a spit-fire with secrets, and the other characters just brought the whole thing together. The imagery of this novel really sucked me into the story in almost a literal sense. I felt as if I was experiencing all of the scenes myself and feeling all of the emotions that Anne and Blake were. The relationship between them was strong and almost unbelievable (in a good way). It was the type of relationship we all have dreamt about at some point in our lives; falling in love with your best friend’s brother. Kira Sinclair is an amazing author and has a rare talent of writing so that the reader feels like they are invested in the event- I.E in fear of the bullets flying through the air.
I highly recommend this read.

Grab a delicious drink and a midnight snack and read this book. You won’t be able to put it down… Trust me.


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