Review of The Prince’s Pregnant Bride by: Jennifer Lewis

Overview: Lani’s husband dies when he is lost at sea and, according to tradition, her brother-in-law must take her husband’s place. However, AJ does not wish to stay in his hometown and become King. In addition, Lani finds out she is pregnant with her late husband’s child and has to decide what to do.

This novel starts out with a hot and steamy scene at the end of Chapter 1 and from that moment on, you are immediately hooked. The character descriptions make you instantly connected to Lani and AJ and you are praying for them to have their happily ever after from the very beginning. The first time they make love is so romantic and loving that a single tear ran down my cheek as they were laying in bliss afterward.

I recommend this read to anyone who has that fairy tale of being royalty. Men in places of power, like AJ, are hot! Now, excuse me while I go in search of some coconut stars 😉

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