Review of Sucker for Love by: Kimberly Raye

Overview: This book is about Lil, a matchmaking vampire, whose afterlife becomes extremely complicated when a friend of hers disappears after being hooked up on a date by Lil. In addition, Lil’s boyfriend Ty has yet to tell her that he loves her, but he has shown it plenty of times; Lil needs those words. Then, when her brother moves in to her apartment she has even more complications to deal with; including her mother’s evil schemes.

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First, let me say that the characters in this novel were fantastic. There was vampires, humans, werewolves, fairies, demons, magicians, etc and they were easily mixed in the real world. I fell in love with Ty from the very first glimpse of him and knew that Lil was a bad-ass vampire that I could easily be best friends with. Her mother is a schemer, but loved her children and husband (even when he’s feuding with the werewolf next door). I loved the reality of the vampires; taking showers, trying to get pregnant, crying, caring, love, etc.

Something that I really wasn’t expecting, was the end. I won’t spoil it for everyone, but I was glad that I hadn’t figured it all out before the end. It was a nice surprise and I smiled when the end came; that’s the best feeling to have after a book is done, but I also felt sad to not read about the characters some more.


One scene that really captured my attention, was the scene where Lil interviewed the twins. It was hilarious, confusing (in a good way), and made me smile about the quirks of older people. If I was a vampire, like Lil, with those hightened senses I probably would have ran from that bathroom a lot sooner! 🙂

It’s safe to say that I really enjoyed Sucker for Love and would recommend it to everyone as a good rainy day read!


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