My 10 Confessions as an Author

While I can guarantee that there are many more than 10, here are the 10 biggest ones. Believe it or not, more people will be able to admit they do these things as well…

1. When introducing a new character, I become the character in every way. I even dress like them and experience the same emotions they do.

2. After writing a murder scene or any gruesome scene, I sleep with the TV on.

3. Speaking of TV, many of my characters are modeled after a character or actor on TV; like Chandler Bing 😉

4. Sometimes I will be on such a role in my writing, that I forget to eat lunch or dinner.

5. I often turn on the radio and close my eyes to imagine a scene and let my fingers do the talking.

6. My favorite TV show is Castle (my bet is that every author loves this show).

7. Many of my stories are about me or something I wish would happen to me.

8. When I having writer’s block, I write a sex scene. Whether I actually include it in the final draft or not is determined in the editing process.

9. When I see something or think something, I often think in terms of a book. For example, right now there is a crow outside of my window. Instead of just seeing the crow, my brain automatically started saying “His wings were black with a hint of blue as the sun hit his feathers.” See what I mean?

10. When I read other authors’s novels I get jealous at how amazing and realistic their writing is.


Ok, how many of these do you do and how many were you unaware of until now?

One thought on “My 10 Confessions as an Author

  1. Ha ha…Revealing post! I am guilty of the following: 1, 4, 6, 7, and 9. Number 4 is the worst, I get knee deep in what I am doing and before I know it, it’s dark outside and I haven’t eaten a meal. My confession: When I finish writing a story I am happy for the first fifteen minutes and then I cry. I think we lend a piece of ourselves to the characters so we miss them.

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