Eating My Words

After reading part of one of my stories, my friend said that it was like “reading a scratch and sniff”. It was the biggest compliment she could have given me. I’ve always been told that my descriptions of food are amazingly realistic and make my readers hungry, but they don’t understand how I am capable of it. I really can’t explain it, but I love writing about food in my stories. No one ever thinks about ways to describe the foods they eat. They should, because it makes the process of eating even more pleasurable.

Think about how it feels in your mouth when you eat a piece of cake. The first thing your taste buds recognize is the sweet flavor of sugar, but as it melts in your mouth those buds explode like fireworks. Velvet frosting slides across your tongue and down your throat, chased by the pleasure. Your nerves go on high alert, ready for the sensations that come with the next bite. You were hasty when the first bite had entered your mouth, but now, as your take the second bite, the fork slowly descends into the slice of rich chocolate cake and makes its journey up to your mouth.

Want a piece of cake yet?

Passage that my friend read when she made the comment:
Cookies were in the oven and the scent of sugar and butter melded together in the air to create an intoxicating aroma; tinged with a hint of the rich savory smell of chocolate.


Excuse me while I go eat a cookie… and dive into a good book.




3 thoughts on “Eating My Words

  1. **Excellent article. You must be a food connoisseur! You write about food in your novels with such eloquence. I encourage you to look into writing an article for a food oriented magazines. You can check out the submission guidelines on their websites.

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