Cooking is Art

Not only do I love writing about food in my stories, but I love to cook too! I made home made macaroni and cheese the other day and it was fantastic, but that isn’t the focus of this post. The focus of this post is the way that food is created and presented. Studies, and restaurant owners, have shown that food that was created with care and precision and presented on a clean plate in an appealing way looks more appetizing to the person consuming it than food just slopped onto a plate. Granted, there are some places when pretty plates aren’t necessary, but in a sit down diner it is a smart move.

Plating food is an art form. It requires layers, complimenting colors, and needs to capture someone’s attention. When I made the Salsa Chicken that you see in the above photograph, I took the time to cook the chicken until it was tender enough to fall apart with the touch of a fork and when it came time to plate it, I placed things methodically. First, I took the Al-Dente spiral pasta and lightly cascaded it in a circle around the plate, letting it slide to the middle. Then, I carefully placed the chicken in the middle, like it was made of glass (which since it fell apart easily, it basically was). The pepperoni came next. Only a few slices were strewn around the chicken to add a kick of heat to every bite of pasta. After that, I poured the homemade salsa over it all in a splash of bright red color and to finalize it I sprinkled some Fresh Parsley on the chicken. It ended up being really delicious and the careful plating definitely made it more appetizing. Even as I type and look at the photograph I want to taste it again.

So, the next time you are making yourself or your family a meal think about how it looks on the plate and maybe consider making it a little prettier. It may not be noticed or appreciated out loud, but it will definitely be evident by the “Mmmmmmm” that everyone hums when they bite in to the “special” dish. Enjoy!



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