Why I Write

A lot of people have asked me, in the past, why I write novels and I am here today to explain my process to you all. I write, because it helps me to express my fears, doubts, worries, heart break, and etc. in a healthy way. Instead of running off “half-cocked” and taking out revenge on whomever hurt me or stressing myself sick over a worry, I get on my laptop and start to type. I let the scenes play out the way I hoped they would or feared they would in real life and then help my characters to get past the burdens or bask in the happiness. Essentially, my characters are me and I am my characters.

Readers may not understand just how invested authors are in their characters. We mold them, watch them grow, feel them fall in love, feel their tears and fears, and feel their anger radiating through the keyboard and up our fingers until we just want to punch the imaginary wall. In essence, authors are parents. We dream about our characters, we “give birth” to them in our words, raise them and help them learn right from wrong, and then- in the best cases- we help them decide their future and find the love they so deserve. We even experience tears of joy and sadness as we watch them live their dreams and go out on their own.

I can’t speak for other authors, but I even experience Empty Nest Syndrome when my characters stories are over. Until my next child (or character) is born, I remember the past experiences with the others and hope they are doing well in life and love. Sometimes they even show up in my dreams and I wake up knowing they are as happy as they can be in life.

So, while my writing starts out as a healthy way to express myself, it turns into an art form and a precious gift. I love my characters and their stories as much as I will love my own child one day and that is the greatest gift in the world.



One thought on “Why I Write

  1. Indeed, It is hard to say good bye to our characters once they have fulfilled their destinys. The various emotional stages we go through as writers can be overwhelming. For example, I laugh, and cry with my characters. We temporarily merge on paper until I let them spread their wings and fly.

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